Colette Aliman

The Mechaphony

The mechaphony, the soundscape that exudes from the devices conceived since the Industrial Revolution, is a terminology created to inspired a reference point of how we find ourselves in our sonic culture today. The relationship and attitude in which civilian ear-witnesses had at the start and throughout the mechaphony has been a push and pull of negative and positive connotations.

The technologies, objects and the material world we surround ourselves with change over time, so too, does, humanity’s perception of sound. The relationship we have with our sonic surroundings is heavily based on quantifiable means. But, what would happen if we detach our biases about sound and, through experimentation, redefine and prophesize what our future sonic practices could be? From this question the Sonic Recalibration Lab was born, a platform for cross-modal experimentation into our current and future auditory perception within the context of the mechaphony.
By interacting at the lab with a combination of ceramic technicity (developed at sundaymorning@ekwc), human gestures, and the use of devices to reveal hidden soundscapes, we can reformat the practices of our sonic culture, habits, rituals, and values.  From mud to mechaphony, the user unveils the existing truths within our sound cultures. Now is the time to recalibrate.

The Mechaphony