Arrange your re-enrolment on time through Studielink!

If you are studying at Design Academy Eindhoven, you must re-enrol each year.
You have to arrange your re-enrolment through Studielink, including the authorisation for the payment of tuition fees.

  1. Opening re-enrolment:
    At the end of May, you will receive a mail from the student administration. This mail will be send to your e-mail address registered in Studielink. In this mail we will inform you about the opening of the re-enrolment procedure.
  2. Log in by using your DigiD
    Go to Studielink and log in with your DigiD.
  3. Fill in a re-enrolment request
  4. Payment of tuition fees 
    For the collection of tuition fees DAE will use the digital permission in Studielink. More information about the digital authorization and the tuition fees can be found on the website of DAE.
  5. Information on the status of your re-enrolment
    As soon as there are any changes, you will receive notification through Studielink and/or the student administration. Usually this is done in the form of an e- mail. Keep in touch with your personal page on Studielink and your e-mail. You will also be informed if there are documents or other things missing.

What to do if…

Situation: continue with the same program

You are going to continue with the programme for which you are registered in the current academic year. 
Log in with your DigiD on Studielink
From May 29th on, you can submit your request for re-enrolment in Studielink. You will find the option “re-enrolment” in your To Do list. Click here and confirm your re-enrolment.
Then go back to your To Do list. Here you will find the action “payment details”. You can follow the wizard and confirm your payment details.
When you have filled in all required details it will take some time before you have a new action in your To Do list. This is to confirm your digital payment. Once you have done this, your re-enrolment is complete.

Please note!
If you are not enrolled before September 1st, you cannot participate in courses and make use of DAE facilities.

Situation: you will graduate during the academic year

You are going to graduate during the academic year.  Arrange your re-enrolment for the academic year 2017-2018 and choose for payment in instalments (direct debit).
When you graduate, you can unsubscribe in Studielink. The financial department of DAE will calculate how much tuition fee you still have to pay or have to receive back. You will receive an e-mail with the exact details.

For example, if you graduate on January 6th, you unsubscribe from Studielink before January 31st, with the reason: graduated. You do not have to pay for the remaining months of the academic year. So you will pay tuition fee for 5 month s. If you unsubscribe after January 31st, you will be unsubscribed from DAE one month later. This means that you have to pay 1 more month of tuition fee!

When you graduate in June, you will automatically be enrolled until August 31st. You do not receive any refund of tuition fee.

Please note!
When you unsubscribe through Studielink you’re not stopping any student grants and the student travel product on the OV-chipkaart. You have to arrange this at Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO).

Situation: you do not want to study at DAE anymore

If you do not plan to re-enrol, but want to remain enrolled until the end of the academic year (August 31st), go to Studielink, select your current enrolment  and choose the “No, I do not want to re-enrol’ option.

If you do not want to be re-enrolled, please let our student council know about your choice not to re-enrol.

Situation: unsubscribe during the academic year

If during the academic year, you decide to terminate your enrolment at DAE, you first have to make an appointment with the student councillor.
After speaking with the student councillor, you can unsubscribe from DAE in Studielink.  You will be un-enrolled starting in the month following the month in which your request to unsubscribe has been submitted via Studielink. You have a payment obligation for the months in which you were officially enrolled

Depending on the date you want to unsubscribe, you may be entitled to a refund of tuition fee. If you paid the tuition fee in advance, you are entitled to a partial refund. If you paid in installments by digital direct debit authorization we will terminate the direct debit payment as soon as your request to unsubscribe has been fully processed. This may take some time.

The financial department of DAE will calculate how much tuition fee you still have to pay or have to receive back. You will receive an e-mail with the exact details.

Exception in summer months
When you unsubscribe from DAE in July or August, you are not entitled to get a refund of the tuition fee.

Please be aware of the fact that when you are unsubscribed, you will no longer be entitled to use your DAE-account, your DAE-badge and DAE-student card. Your account will be blocked.

Do you have questions?

Do you have questions? Please send an e-mail to