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Tuomas Tolvanen

Tolvanen covered pieces of existing furniture with a fine web of rings, made from steel pipes. After welding the rings he set fire to the original wooden items. The resulting objects resemble the fuzzy fading memories of the originals. At the same time they represent a striking mix of old and new, industry and handcraft, steel and lace.

‘Temporality reveals itself as the meaning of authentic care”, wrote the German philosopher Martin Heidegger in the 30’s. In our caring relationship with the material world around us, we define who we are. Why then are design objects usually perfect and bare no relationship to our human nature, asks Tolvanen. For his remarkable answer he took inspiration from his grandmother’s disintegrating memories as she struggled with Alzheimer’s disease. “Once a strong and bold woman, now only a fainting image of her past. Her disease is unravelling the fabric of her life, knot by knot, and vaporising the very core of her personality and life, her memories, and turning her into a shell of a human being.”

“I felt the urge to connect design to the human emotional sphere and to values that reflect how we are as human beings. Using design as a medium of expression I tried to create a bridge between the metaphysical and the material world.”

Graduation Project 2012

Published: 20-Mar-2017 12:24


Contextual Design

    Engineering Temporality