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Student: Irma Foldenyi (France)
Department: Masters Social Design
Year: Graduation Project 2012

Digital and Analogue in Dialogue
One year ago, when talking to a friend online and walking with the laptop in my hands to show her my flat, she suddenly warned me: “Please don’t drop me!” Fascinated by this moment of paradox, and taking it as a starting point I made a one year investigation between the relationship of body and technologies. I asked the question, in what ways can I bridge the perception between digital and analogue worlds? As the conclusion of “Digitalogue” two products came into existence. The first product is a method, developed along the research process. The second product is a project created with this method, thematically looking at the evolution of how communication tools changed our body languages and gestures. When looking at the online world, the world we see on the screen, there are many actions, spaces and symbols we live in and relate to. But they are only processed visually. Without denying the digital world, how would it be possible to bridge the digital and analogue space with a humane attitude? To connect the analogue and digital spaces, “Digitalogue” is proposing to rethink the online space by translating its imaginary spaces with our own gestures.



Published: 02-Jun-2012 11:39


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