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Thomas Vailly and Itay Ohaly

The Creative Factory proposes machines that involve the users in the process of creating final designs. The factory is part of C-Fabriek, a studio / workplace / museum / gallery / shop - a place in which designers work and create, but also present their processes and methods to the public. Their aim: to re-establish a strong relationship with the audience. By doing so these young designers suggest alternatives to industrialization, production and consumption..

This Creative Factory was displayed in Genk, Belgium (C-mine), as part of the exhibition The Machine in 2012. In October 2012 it was displayed in the empty Schellens Factory in Eindhoven (C-Fabriek), as part of an exhibition in which various designers created their individual production lines, machines, tools and products.

Continuation of the Graduation Projects of both designers who graduated in 2011

Published: 20-Mar-2017 12:26


Contextual Design
  • The Creative Factory

  • The Creative Factory