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Sigve Knutson

In ‘Drawn Objects’, Sigve Knutson explores how a designer might work if the qualities of drawing were applied to the various phases of a production process. Drawing expresses the personal qualities and unique aesthetics of a designer: it allows for a direct and intuitive expression of the imagination, poetry, even thoughts and inspirations. By contrast, designing products usually means that your designs have to be changed, over long periods of time, to fit every new step in the production process. The author-designer’s rich personal imagery is translated and transformed, smoothed and filtered. To deal with this gradual decline of the original intuitions, Knutson developed this project. It explores a multitude of ways to apply drawing to the production of objects. For instance, by connecting drawing to crafts, a new range of methods and ways of working on the surfaces of forms emerges. The intuitive and personal are not smoothed away, but they become the foundations from which objects are born.

Graduation project 2016
Gijs Bakker Award Nominee

Published: 20-Mar-2017 12:27


Contextual Design
  • Drawn Objects

  • Drawn Objects

  • Drawn Objects

  • Drawn Objects

  • Drawn Objects