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Alicia Ongay Perez

The project began as an investigation of Carl Andre’s maxim ‘A thing is a whole in a thing that is not’ - looking at objects as cuts in space rather than as a reductive process of cuts in material. By taking a flexible mould of the whole surface area of an object, it becomes possible to play with the positive and negative shapes. The interior negative space can become a positive volume and the objects appear to claim more of the surrounding space. When turned inside out, the objects seem to reference familiar domestic archetypes, but seem to have no obvious function. Each object addresses the nature of the user’s interaction with an object that possess both an iconic, meaningful and functional presence. At the same time the objects could be seen purely as concepts, which raise questions about the nature of Conceptual Design and how designers often use functional objects as canvases for their concepts. In line with this the project aims to examine the varying contexts for Conceptual Design and it’s relationship with Art in the way it is consumed.

Graduation Project 2012

Published: 20-Mar-2017 12:32


Contextual Design