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Mina Wu (1976-2009)

Mina Wu’s project was called Minafication, and consisted of a range of replicas in fabric of well known iconic chair designs, including Friso Kramer’s Revolt Chair,Maarten Baas’ Smoke Chair and the Spirit Air office chair. Every detail in the chair jackets refer to details in the original chair, cleverly translated into new materials. The merging of human and object talks about identity, the theme that interested Wu throughout her studies. “There’s an intense communication between me and the objects that surround me in my daily life. I create and change objects, but reversely objects also have an influence on me, on how I behave. Everything I choose in my life, somehow reflects who I am. Who am I? Where do I come from? Where is my home? What is my identity?” Alongside the chair project she wrote a thesis: ‘The World as Identity and Representation – Minafication’, a parafrase of Schopenhauer’s ‘Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung’ (1818-1819). In Wu’s view it’s not the human will, but the complexity of the notion ‘identity’ that drives how humans act in the world.

Graduation Project, 2007 (department IM, later renamed into Contextual Design)

Published: 20-Mar-2017 12:23


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